Super 73 Z1 (OR & WA only)

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Super 73 Z1 (OR & WA only)

$800.00 $1,495.00 $695.00


Product description

The SUPER73-Z1 is a friendly entry-level electric motorbike that packs a punch. The compact frame and 500 watt internal hub motor is an excellent vehicle for anyone wanting the feel of a SUPER73 in a smaller package. This neighborhood explorer is perfect for getting around town.

Integrated Battery + Seat Design: The unique integrated battery and seat design, along with the easy-to-use throttle display, provides a user-friendly experience for riders. Powered with a 418 watt-hour battery, the Super73-Z1 provides 20+ miles of range.
*Battery range estimates depend on conditions such as rider weight, speed, temperature, wind, tire pressure, terrain, incline, etc. Mileage may vary.

Low seat height: The Super73-Z1 comes in one size. With a 27" seat height, adjustable handlebars, and a 275 lb weight limit rating, the Super73-Z1 is designed to comfortably accommodate riders between 4’6 - 5’11".

Street legal: The SUPER73-Z1 is a Class 2 street-legal electric bike that allows riders as young as 16 to ride legally on city streets.

Motor: The internally geared brushless DC hub motor is capable of outputting up to 900 watts of peak power.


Parameter Specifications
Frame: Steel
Color(s): White, Jet Black, Steel Blue, Astro Orange, Millennial Pink
Motor: Class-2 Mode Output: 500 watts nominal / 1000 watt peak
Top Speed: Class-2 Mode: 20mph
Battery: 418 watt-hours, 18650 cells
Battery is built into the seat/not removable for charging
Weight: 56lbs (w/ battery)
Front Hub: 9 x 135mm axle
Rims: 20" x 80 mm alloy
Tires: 20" x 4.25", Slick street tires
Inner Tubes: 20" x 4"
Brakes: Mechanical Brake System
Suspension: Not available
Display: 3 LED Display
iOS + Android Compatible: Not available
IoT Connectivity: Not available
DC/DC Converter: Not available
Headlight Not available
Tail Light Not available
Turn Signals: Not available
Horn: Not available
Charger 2A (6-7 hour charge time)
Throttle: Thumb throttle
Pedal Assist: Not available
Bottom Bracket: 100mm, Square Taper, Sealed Cartridge Bearings
Crank / Front Chain Ring 140MM 9/16", 40T Chainwheel
Gearing: Not available
Rear Derailleur: Single-speed chain tensioner
Seat: Battery integrated banana seat
Passenger Foot pegs: Not available.
Seat Height: 27"
Weight Limit: 275lbs

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