Our Story

Brothers Don't Shake Hands...


Born in Alameda California in the years 83’ and 84’ respectively, John and Hakan Hekimoglu have been riding bicycles together for as long as they can remember. They've been lucky enough to grow up on the great bike paths of Eugene, Oregon.

A bike ride with Mom and Dad through downtown Eugene and along the river paths are some of the earliest and most cherished memories these brothers share. Even their 92 year old grandpa Johan still rides his original bicycle everyday for exercise! A bicycle always seemed to have a place in the Hekimoglu family, and it still does to this day.

John and Hakan believe that the gift of independence and the freedom to go where you want to is given to you by a bicycle. It’s in that rush of wind as you pick up speed. You feel it when you skid the tires or hop a curb. And, yes its there when you bust a tube or bend a rim. It’s a connection. The brothers always said it felt like “Riding the Current”.

Some unfortunate souls will tell you that the feeling and connection is lost with age. John and Hakan strongly disagree. Finding the right shop, with the right bikes, run by the right people and that connection and feeling can be re-imagined, reignited and taken to a whole new level.

Electric Avenue’s goal is to be the first and final destination for fun and functional recreational e-bikes in Oregon. John and Hakan have created the mantra “Joyrides for the Human Race” which you can see in big bold letters on the walls in their shop and is something that has a much deeper meaning to them. The simplest joys in life are often overlooked and forgotten. Riding one of their bikes puts the biggest smile on your face and pats you on the back at the same time. Indulge and seek out the connection. Help save the planet. Try electric. Go to Electric Avenue.