Test Rides

About Our Bicycle Test Rides

Everything you need to know

We offer many wonderful types, brands and models of bicycles. One of the best ways to select the right one is taking test rides to feel how they differ from each other and from your current ride.

In fact, most people feel that this is the best part of shopping for new bikes. However, for your safety (and the care of our bikes), we'd like to explain: Our Requirements, What To Wear and Bring, How We Prep The Bike and how you should Test Ride the bike.  

What To Wear And Bring
While you're welcome to test ride our bicycles in street clothes, we recommend wearing athletic or rubber-soled shoes so that you'll be able to pedal and get on and off each bicycle comfortably.

If you have a helmet, please bring it. We have test-ride loaner lids, yet yours has been fit to your head so it will feel more comfortable and secure.

You'll focus more on the differences between each test bike if you have fewer distractions caused by other unfamiliar equipment.

As a suggestion, if you're considering a new bike to replace Old Faithful, bring it in and ride it first so you can feel the difference between the old and new bikes. This back-to-back test is a great way to judge the improvement new technology makes.

Our Requirements
In order to test ride a bicycle, you must be at least 18 years of age or come into the store with your legal parent or guardian.

We require a valid driver's license (with photo) and a major credit card in order to test ride. We'll put these in a safe place and return them when you finish riding.

Also, for your safety, test rides aren't possible when the weather's bad or it's dark.

How We Prep The Bike
In most cases, once you've selected a model to test ride, we'll give it a quick once-over to ensure it's ride ready. This includes topping off the tire pressure and checking the brakes and gears. We may also need to adjust the seat to fine-tune the fit.

Please tell us if you're unfamiliar with shifting and braking so we can demonstrate. Modern bicycles have improved considerably. It'll only take a few minutes for us to show you how the test-ride bicycle's shifters and brakes work. This little lesson guarantees you'll enjoy the test ride, while also helping you fully appreciate the bike should you decide to buy it.

The Test Ride
We have a fantastic area to test ride all types of bicycles. Due to our location, someone from the shop will accompany you on your test ride. They will escort you to a safe location close by and the test ride will commence. Because e-bikes are all unique in their design and functionality one of us will be right there with you to help you understand and learn how the bike works as you ride. 

The test ride will typically take 15-30 minutes as that is usually enough time to learn how the bike works and to get some good riding in to feel the bike out. 

Thanks for reviewing our test-ride procedures and rules. If you have any questions at all about this or anything cycling, just ask. We look forward to showing you a great new bike sometime soon!