Fluid Board

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Fluid Board

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Product description

The Fluid Board is perfect for anybody who is looking for a fun and exciting commute. With only 17 pounds, its two rear 350W motors will reach a top speed of 23-25 mph. The 6Ah Samsung battery realistically promises 15-20 miles of range. 

Beautifully designed, the multi-layer bamboo and maple board offers the perfect balance between stability and flexibility. The grip tape on the deck ensures a permanent contact between feet and board for maximum riding control at any time. The design of the deck allows the rider to lean in to curves without the board touching the wheels. A carrying handle, integrated in the deck, makes it easy to quickly carry the board over train tracks or up a flight of stairs. 

The portable board is easy to store under any table or bed.

The soft PU-wheels allow the rider to smoothly and quietly glide along asphalt and tackle cracks and even smaller bumps in the road.  It is water resistant and can be used in any conditions as long as the battery is never submerged fully under water.

The ESC-remote (Electronic Speed Control) comfortably lies in the hand and gives the rider easy access to all features with the thumb. You can choose between three speed modes ranging from a cruise mode for the beginner to a high speed mode for the advanced rider. A forward and backward switch lets you choose between the regular and goofy position. The speed control offers extremely smooth and predictable acceleration and braking, necessary to maintain the balance on the board. 

The box includes a multitool for quick and easy maintenance, nose and tail guards to protect the wood, and two replacement pads which seal the controller and battery (should they ever need to be opened).

Reinvent your commute - The Fluid Board is the perfect choice to reach your destination in style. It is delivered fully equipped, charged up and ready to ride!

Please be careful when riding this board, especially if you are a beginner, and remember to ALWAYS wear a helmet and proper safety gear.


Motor 2 x 350W
Battery Samsung 6Ah
Est range up to 20 miles*
Top speed 23-25 mph
Wheels soft PU-Wheels
Suspension med. flex bamboo-maple board
Brakes regenerative e-braking**
Display board display (voltage)
Dimensions 38.2 x 10.6 x 5 inch 
Ride Modes 3 Riding Modes
Weight 17 lbs
Drive dual motor rear wheel drive

*The range can vary greatly by riding style. Cruising along on flat roads at 10 mph will get you the range of 20 miles quoted by the manufacturer. Aggressive and fast riding will deliver significantly less. 
** Do not go down a long hill when the battery is fully charged: regenerative braking will overcharge and possibly break the battery.