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Our limited-edition Shelby bike channels the inventive-meets-championship racing spirit of legendary designer Carroll Shelby. Inspired by being up close and personal with Shelby’s timeless, legacy-defining American power icons, we’ve spent long nights tinkering with this beauty while in relentless pursuit of perfection, ever aware of heritage, prestige and opportunity. When you think Shelby, you think speed, grit and high performance—exactly what we’ve wanted to capture in this amped-up version of our 2020 Roadster, our most powerful bike yet.


SPEED • 20-36 MPH





With Shelby perfected performance setting the bar, enjoy full-throttle racing speeds up to a remarkable 36mph.* The rear-hub motor—despite its cobra-striking power—is reading-room quiet, powered by our re-engineered 1123 watt-hour battery that’ll take you up to 75 miles when fully charged. Charging takes only 4.5 hours, long enough to catch up on plenty of classic Shelby racing video clips! *Private property only


Like a consummate snake charmer, you’re totally in control of the Shelby. From its straightforward interface and at-your-feet-or-fingertips acceleration and thumb throttle (that’s pedal or electric), to its five power modes and regenerative hydraulic disc brakes, which put juice back in the battery, you set the clip and choose your own adventure.


An intelligent vintage beauty echoing iconic Shelby designs of yesteryear or a cold-cast flayer of lessers not worthy? With the Shelby you get both: exquisite design aesthetics (marvel at the hydroformed aluminum frame and all-over artful touches—just take a look at the picture’s-worth-a-1000-words beauty shots!) and designed-to-deliver detail (stabilizing front suspension, retro-chic LED headlamp and much more).


Weight w/ Battery: 86lbs

Available Colors: Shelby Blue w/Blk Racing Stripes

Front Suspension: MRP inverted fork - 60mm of travel

Pedal Assist: YES

Throttle Assist: YES

Street Mode MPH: 20

Race Mode MPH: 38

Drivetrain: 750W hub motor (3000W Race Mode)

Battery: 48v 23.4 Ah (1123 watt hours)

Hours to charge: 4.5

Range: 40-75 miles

Regenerative Braking: Integrated in rear brake lever

Classification: CA E-bike 2