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Velotric Bikes

The Velotric T1 proves that you can have your cake and eat it too, at
least when it comes to electric bikes. Until recently, I considered
VanMoof the best overall ebike, and the new VanMoof S4 remains a close runner-up for the crown. But the T1 is prettier, rides better and you can make a good argument that the T1 offers better theft protection.

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Mokwheel PowerStation Bikes

If there’s two cool pieces of green technology that have greatly improved my day-to-day life, they’re probably electric bikes and solar-powered portable power stations. I’ve reviewed plenty of both, and they’re even better when you combine them. Take the case of the Mokwheel Scoria, which straps an inverter onto an e-bike to create a mobile power station.

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  • Customer Review

    patrick G

    What an experience. This place will definitely open your eyes to the
    electric community. they let me ride around a couple different electric
    scooters/bikes and electric boards before I picked out what I wanted.
    They even let me take one on a group ride that they have. It was awesome
    to test out before buying. Thanks

    They service onewheeles too.

  • Customer Review

    Nik VanNortwick -

    Awesome experience. Love going into the shop and checking out the NEW NEW! Ive had service performed here as well as purchased a totally customized Onewheel. They are definitely my go to crew when it comes to floating on Electric Avenue. And they are just all around solid people.

  • Customer Review

    Deryk Espina

    Excellent buying experience. I'm new to ebikes and needed one with certain specs. He order me a bike which I had to return the same day for lack of power. No problem, we tried a second and it met my needs. I felt like I was amongst friends, I needed a tile but didn't have the money with me. They installed it and said just come back whenever and pay. Wow, when was the last time you have seen that? On top of the great customer service, their bikes are great. They stock Super73 which is as fast as it is sexy. To summarize, best shop in town.

300$ EWEB Rebate

Many EWEB customers want an alternative to commuting by car. Electric bicycles (e-bikes) are perfect for those who want to commute on a bicycle but want to travel faster or need the extra assistance.

An e-bike can help you save money on transportation and maintenance costs and:

Reduce air pollution

Improve your health and wellbeing

Reduce traffic congestion

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Perks of Buying From Electric Avenue?

Test Ride First

One thing we love to do is to try before you buy. Whether or not you chose one of our rides or not isin't as important as finding the Right ride for you.

Warranty & Aftercare

Buy from us and we'll cover your for the life of the warranty. Meaning access to walk-in service, quick maintenance and speedy repair.

Hassle Free Returns

We offer a two-week, 10 miles easy return. After that we would sell the product as 'used' and would need to charge a restock fee.

Get in the Group!

Once you have yourself a ride, you can access some of our social events. With exclusive night rides and events, Electric Avenue invites you to experience the town like you've never before.

Located in Eugene on Broadway

187 E Broadway Eugene, Oregon

And in Corvallis On 9th

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